On this site, you will find the job, internship and V.I.E. (volunteer for international experience) opportunities offered by all LVMH group companies worldwide. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, you can?apply online.

Search engine

Launch your search using the following criteria: professional field, group of activities, geographical area, and level of professional experience.

The list of offers matching your selected criteria will be displayed for you to consult.

The mention “New” indicates that the offer was first posted less than one month ago.

To view further details of an offer, simply click on the job title.

Once you have consulted the details of an offer, you can apply, return to the original list, or launch a new search.

Offer description

The date the offer was posted online is displayed at the top of the description. You will also find the reference of the offer, its location, and the type of contract proposed.

All the offers are described in the same way. They are written by the recruiters of each company. The offers relating to opportunities in France, or in a French-speaking country, are written in French. Offers relating to opportunities in other countries are written in English.

The offers are updated directly by the recruiters of the relevant company.

Online application

If a job or internship opportunity interests you, you should apply online via our website. Simply click on the “Apply” button on the page.

We offer you the opportunity to create your candidate area, which you can then use to apply for one or more offers posted by Group companies.?You can access your candidate area by clicking on the link received in the email confirming your application.

  • Your application

The dossier you will need to complete consists of different sections. They vary in number depending on whether you are applying in France or in another country. In all cases, we ask you to attach a CV in the format of your choice.

Your application may be written in English or in the language of the country for which you are applying.

Obligatory fields are marked by asterisks. We would, however, encourage you to complete all the fields in each section so as to provide us with as much information about yourself as possible.

You must complete all the sections in order to validate your application.

On average, an application dossier takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. It is possible to print it if you wish. Once you have completed all the sections, we advise you to print your dossier and to reread it carefully.

If, for any reason, you need to log out before you have completed your application, all the information you have already provided will be automatically saved in your candidate area by clicking on the “Save” button on the form before closing the window. In this case, simply relaunch the search engine in order to display the opportunity that interests you, check that it is still available online, then click on the “Apply” button once more.

  • The recruitment process

We will send you an email confirming receipt of your application. Your dossier will then be examined by the recruiters of the relevant company, who will respond at the earliest opportunity.

More about your candidate area

Access your candidate area?through the link sent in the email confirming your application. No password is needed.

  • Consult your applications

You can consult the list of applications you sent to LVMH Group companies and print the dossier you completed for each application.

  • Update your personal information

You can instantly update the information you have provided about yourself (new address etc.).

  • Send a new application

Once you have completed your dossier, you can use it again to apply for a different offer.

We simply ask you to read through the information you previously provided in each section, to tick the box, then to click on the “Save” button in order to validate the content of the section. We automatically archive all dossiers which have not been updated either by the candidate or the recruiter after 1 year. If, after this date, you wish to apply again for a position at an LVMH group company, you will need to create a new application dossier.